Sometimes I do things IRL. You can find information about that here. You can also check out my podcast appearances, if you’re weird and want to hear my voice. (It’s a little nasal!)

Upcoming Shows:

Nothing at the moment. Check back soon!

Podcasts and Other Appearances:

All episodes of AfterSmash are available here.

The Fogelnest Files (1/17/13)
The Bender (2/6/13)
Get Up on This (2/12/13)
Get Up on This (as co-host) (4/13/2013)
Hey, Teens! (10/9/13)
Today We Learned (10/14/13)
First Dates (12/16/13)
The Rubin Report (4/29/14)
The Rubin Report (7/8/14)
Between the Sheets (8/4/14)
Who Charted? (9/17/14)
How Was Your Week? (10/24/14)
Out on the Lanai (12/9/14)
The Rubin Report (12/9/14)
Gilmore Guys (12/17/14)
Obsessed (1/6/15)
What the Flick?! (3/3/15)
Laser Time (3/9/15)
Everything’s Coming Up Podcast (4/6/15)
Gilmore Guys (4/20/15)
Baby Geniuses (4/27/15)
Gilmore Guys (6/1/15)
Ronna & Beverly (6/19/15)
Lady to Lady (7/22/15)
This Is Really Important (8/17/15)
Mousterpiece Cinema (11/18/15)
Bitch Sesh (12/9/15)
3 Day Rental (1/29/16)
Blank Check (4/1/16)
Andy’s Girls (6/18/16)
The Ensemblist (6/26/16)
3 Day Rental (8/18/16)
Andy’s Girls (10/22/16)
Mousterpiece Cinema (10/29/16)
BroadwayCon Podcast (12/28/16)


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