A brief note on timing

14 Jul

Obviously the Zimmerman trial verdict speaks more to the sad state of affairs in this country — from the flawed legal system to the institutionalized racism — than the death of a young actor.

But how dare you suggest I can’t be upset about both, or that I’m treating the two as equal. Does it help that I cried over the Zimmerman verdict but not over Cory Monteith’s death? Is my reaction appropriate? I find it so fucking insulting — this implication that the mere mention of Cory Monteith means we have forgotten Trayvon Martin.

Because no, on a larger scale, it’s not that important. But as someone who has sought treatment for drug addiction, yes, the death of an addict hits hard. As do the comments that he deserved what he got because he was an addict, or that he knew what he was getting into, or that his friends should have done more to help. It’s callous and shameful.

So I will mourn Cory Monteith and feel depressed over a problematic cultural perception of addiction that places full blame on the addict, who is often helpless in the situation. At the same time, I will mourn Trayvon Martin and feel outrage over a disgusting verdict that sets a dangerous precedent and reinforces a tragic perception of young black men in this country.

I contain multitudes, asshole.


One Response to “A brief note on timing”

  1. gmarie3 July 15, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    Well said… As a 50+ yr-old woman, hugs to you, as well. I know I’m not your targeted audience, but as a mom of a couple of 20-something young men, I just wanted to spread the love around, ya know?

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